I'll Keep It With Mine
I really like Bob Dylan, the Beatles, and the Kennedys.
  1. So today was really really awesome. The Wallflowers played in Times Square at the CBGB Festival and it was FREE. I got to meet Jakob again and I ran into Mario who’s back with The Wallflowers at a Starbucks and we had a nice chat. Also My Morning Jacket closed the night and Brittany from the Alabama Shakes joined them and Jakob did as well. An unforgettable day for sure 👍

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    Thanks and if you get the chance you should!
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    Wow!! I’m jealous but really happy for you got to meet him again. :) I’m probably going to see his father next week.
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    That’s so awesome! I wish I was in NYC it sounded like an incredible experience to be had. Glad you had fun!
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